Stroke Play Tournaments:
Almost all of our tournaments are individual stoke play competitions. Your day total, minus your tour handicap, will be your posted net score for the event. 
We follow USGA rules and regulations on the Long Shots Tour with a few exceptions. 

There are answers below for frequently asked questions about rules. 

THE LONG SHOTS TOUR  is growing there will be no Flighted Tournaments. 

Options Games Available each tournament.

Scratch Game when there are enough Scratch Golfers in the Field 

Senior Net Available when there are enough Senior in the Field 

Our tour will have a (-4) cap for each tournament, no player will be able to post a net round lower than four under par. 

The exception to this rule is if one of our scratch players shoot below four under, then whatever that player shot under par will be the new cap. 

If a person has earned money in a PRO PGA tournament event after 2018, can't compete in LST Events 

PGA Professional, Club Pros and other mini-tour players will always be able to play on LST TOUR. 

We do want everyone to come and enjoy what the tour has to offer, 

*     14 Club limit

*     All yardage and range finders are legal and may be used to help speed up play. If range finders  have the slope  

The Slope option, will need to be turned off. NO USING SLOPE DURING TOURNAMENT.

*    No Gimmies. All putts must be finished out to finish the hole.

*   Players must exchange scorecards at the beginning of the round. At the end of the tournament the player must have his scorecard signed by the scorekeeper and the player. And each player must personally turn into their respected score card. 

* A Quad is the highest you're allowed to post for a single hole. 

End of Play (Playoff):

2021 Long Shots Tour will use Decimal Point with Handicaps keeping ties to a minimum. 

In the event of a tie, we will have the players play in a sudden death playoff match (As long as the course has an opening). If the difference in handicap between players is large, then we will adjust accordingly.

If we are unable to have a sudden death playoff we will go to a scorecard playoff to decide the tournament winner. We take the top three handicapped holes and add the players scores on those holes.

If player A handicap is 6-11 strokes better than player B, then player B will be awarded a stroke (taken off). 

If player B is 12+ strokes more than player A he will be awarded 2 stokes off his total. If the players are tied again, then we will take 4-6 handicapped holes and so on until we find a winner.

Tees Played: UPDATED  

The tour will choose the tees played the week before a tournament. 
Most tournaments players will be playing from the course tips (BACK TEES) unless it is very high course rating. 
The Default for every tournament is: 49 Year Old and Younger Play from the Back Tees (TIPS) 
50+ Year Old have the option of playing Up 1 tee and Remember the Handicaps adjustment per course rating. 

Each course will be different depending on Slope Rating and Yardage 
These players must tell the tournament director before the tournament that they wish to move up. 

How you start you is how you finish for both 1 & 2 Day Events. 

Senior Tee's 
Our new Super Senior tees will allow our members that are over 72 to play another tee up on our longer tournament courses.

Eligibility For New PlayersUpdated 1-31-2021

For our new players that join the tour, you will not be eligible for first place money until your 3rd LST Tournament however you can become a member and the highest is 3rd place for 1st Tournament 2nd is the Highest for Payout and 3rd Tournament is Full Membership Status. 

(1st Event Scores are automatic adjusted before official posted score. 

This is to keep the Tour Handicap System In Good standing with Current Members and New Members Third event rule…
On your first event, players are eligible for third place. At this time

For New Players/ New Members Rule You will need to have played in an Open Event during the Winter or Regular Season Open Tournament.  

After that you will be considered to have an established a Long Shots Tour handicap and will be able to compete for first place in all of our tournaments. 

(This is a way the Long tour prevents from newcomers "sandbagging" their first tournament and walking away with prize money right away.) 
The only exception to this rule will be by Tour Director or Committee and will be displayed before the beginning of any tournament: 

If you’re a members of other tours and would like to join please contact The Tour Director: Loren Coburn 

Events: Updated 1-31-2021

2021 in every tournament players green fee's are included. 

The entry fee includes your tournament entry and greens fee & carts at some course range balls. 

Entry for Side Games are for each player and Side Games are 100% Payouts

Tournament Place Payouts vary depending on the number of entries, please see payout formula page. 

All players will need to check-in at least 15 minutes prior to the first tee time of the tournament. Exception if you’ve paid online and you’ve notified Tour Director you are on site. 

The check-in, in most cases, will be inside the golf facility. You're welcome to pay your entry fee and side games online. 

The player needs to be at the tee box at least five minutes before his tee time. If he shows up after his tee time, a two stroke penalty may be assessed. If he shows up after his group has finished the first hole, he will be disqualified for the tournament with no refunds. 

For your convenience we offer a way for players to pay for the tournament beforehand. Players may pay by credit card with PayPal. A $5-$7 fee will be added to the entry for processing.

We allow cash to be paid for entries the date of the event, but if a person withdraws after the pairings come out he will be fined Cost of Greens Fee for that tournament an $25.00 and will no longer be able to pay cash entries the rest of the year.

Major & Championship Events:

The entry fees to our Major Events are TBD Per Event Range from $300-$500. 

New for 2021 Greens/Cart Fee Included with Entry Fees 

The Entry fees for our 1 Day Event is $250.00 Greens/Cart Fee Included please note Greens Fees and Cart Average Cost for Tour is $45-$50 sometimes more depending on course cost.

A players has had to have played in at least two of our events in order to be eligible for first place money in Major Events. We have Five Majors in 2020!

The tour offers a few side games that give you more chances to win in the tournament. Side Games are 100% Payout

The Skins Game ($10) - If an individual does better than any other player on a hole (Gross), then he will get a portion of the pot. 
The 2's Game ($10) - If an individual records a 2 on any of the holes that have been played, they will receive a portion of the pot. 

High Stakes ($50) - 

This is basically for players who want to play for a little extra money. 
A tournament inside the tournament, where only the participants of the game are playing against each other. 
Payouts for Less Than 20 Entries 100% Winter Take All
20+ Payouts are usually 75% for first and $25% for second.

Nassau Game: ($20) Front 9 Low Net 50% Back 9 Low Net 50% Ties Goes to Score Card Playoff. 
@20+ entries into the Nassau Game 1st and 2nd Place Paid 

Earn Points Through The Year: TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP
Every player will earn points on how well they do in each tournament they play. If you get into the top 80% of members at the end of the year, then you will be invited to our 
Tour Championship and Also 

(FYI)POY Money Doesn’t affect the Tour Championship Payouts It’s separate. 
This is the last major of the season and will have bonus money built up throughout the season to make the payouts even larger. 

If a member recruits a new member he will be awarded $25 off his next tournament (The new members will need to note who referred them in their membership form at the time of entry). 

Fast Play Rule:
On the Long Shots Tour we understand that slow play can be frustrating when you are competing. We will do our best to prevent this from happening. Every player is required to ride in golf carts. There are two main LST rules that do not conform to the USGA rules due to speed of play. 

1. There is a “max of 4 over par” you can take on any hole. 
If you have hit your limit, it is ok to pick up your ball and not finish the hole. 

2. If a players has found that he has lost a ball or hit his ball in OB, he may not go back to the tee to re-hit, 
he must use the new rule of dropping in the allowed area with a two-stroke penalty.


We have also implemented a penalty for slow play. After the first group has tee'd off they will be on the clock. 
The group has four and a half hours to finish their round and turn in their scorecards.

The group has a 20 minute window after the four and half hours to complete their round.

If they turn in their scorecards after the 4:50 mark, the entire group will be penalized one stroke. 

If they turn in their scorecard after the 5:10 mark they will be penalized 2 strokes and so on. 

If it is determined one player was holding up the whole group then that one player only will be penalized. 

The following group has 20 minutes after the group ahead of them to turn in their scorecards. 

If the group turns in their scorecards after the 20 minutes they will be penalized one stroke. 
It is everyone's responsibility to keep up with the group in front of you. 

These penalties will not apply if groups outside the tour are holding up the tournament group. 

If you feel you are falling behind PLEASE speed up play and push others to do the same. 

The tour doesn't wish to penalize anyone but for the good of the tour we will.

Handicap System:
 (We will work with anyone who doesn't have an established handicap.)

We have added a handicap and statistics site just for our members. It will keep track of your rounds and stats throughout the year. You will have your own page to look at all of your information whenever you like. Our tournaments will base your handicaps from this site.

Your handicap will be calculated on the particular tournament you are playing.
GHIN & CLUB Handicaps are a good starting point however you will be a Long Shots Tour Handicap 

Tour Director has the Option to Flight the Tournament:
Tournaments will be flighted depending on number of entrants. 
When a tournament exceeds 40 players the tour has the option in splitting the tournament into two flights. 
You will start off with your handicap and every event you partake in your tournament scores will go towards your Long Shots Tour handicap, so handicaps may increase or decrease thru the year. 

Every tournament will have a cap of (-4) for each player for 1 day events. 2 Day Events HC adjusted and the same will apply. 

 -4 Under for 2nd day will apply as well. 1 Day event -4 Max) 2 Day is -8 Max) Anything -4 under your handicap is adjusted on that tournament with less than 10 tournaments played on the Long Shots Tour.

Any new member will have a cap of (0), for his first event, so whatever the new member posts his first tournament, the best score he can post is even par.

He is only eligible for third place money or worse. In addition, a player must have played in 3 events (this can include the year before) before he is eligible to win first place money in any of our major tournaments. 

This is our way to prevent anyone from winning without posting a competitive round in the books. The only exception to having a cap of (0) is if the first time player plays with a 0 handicap.

Event Deadline: 
The deadline for each event is the Wednesday before the event (3 Days). All players who register after this time will be put on the event waiting list. Some events may have limits on players, so sign up early to guarantee your spot. 

Event Pairings:
Tee Times: will be posted Friday before each event and can be found on the “Schedule/Results" page. All times are subject to change until the day before the event. 
Tee Time Can Change so please check first this Saturday Morning of the Event to Confirm Official Tee Sheet. 

Canceling Entry:
Players who cancel before Thursday are free from any obligation and will receive a full refund via next Tournament Entry. Players who cancel the day of the tournament will be charged the Amount of Greens fee. & $50.00. This fee will increase if the player has done so more than once. If you need to cancel a tournament the same day, please call the course the event is held on text and call the Tour Director. Any cancellations before then may be made by email or text or phone. (Please note we understand things happen just inform us as fast as possible to Help Us Run The Long Shots Tour and smoothly & correctly. 

Bad Weather:
We will play in light rain weather. If conditions worsen (lightning, hail, etc) players will need to return to the clubhouse until the storm breaks. If it is assessed that it will not break the event will be cancelled.  

It's always disappointing when an event is canceled due to weather, but we ask for your cooperation as we strive to be as fair as possible to our tour members. We will do everything in our power to finish the tournament. 
A minimum of 9 holes must be completed by all groups of a flight for all 1-day events to be considered official. If we do not reach 9 holes during the event then we refund your entire entry fee and reschedule the event if possible the next week.

Amateur Status:
If you do not wish to receive CASH or CHECK during any Long Shots Tour event, you will be paid in Gift Certificates up to $750 to remain an Amateur. Winnings from the skins game will not affect your status as an Amateur. 

Player Conduct:
The tour has a strict no tolerance policy for any cheating or violence from our members. Abusive language of a tour player or staff member, vulgar language, club throwing, or destruction of property is considered a violation. No one may use drugs, cheat, withdraw without good cause. Any of these could result in fines, penalty shots, and/or disqualification from one or all events conducted by the Long Shots Tour.

Player Caught Cheating: 
Yes there are wannabe golfer’s who cheat. Why wannabe? Because if you cheat in golf you’re not a golfer at all. You’re not an athlete nor a true competitor. 
If you are caught cheating you will have one chance to make it right on your own because we understand things happen and sometimes in the heat of competition people see things differently. 
We play this game with under the rules of golf 100% of the time. The only exception is that we have Local Rules inlace for specific playing conditions. 
You can call a penalty on yourself at any time and if you make one when no one is looking that’s called integrity. This game is 100% about integrity and it’s played that way every day in competition. We’re all playing this game on this Tour because we love competition and the game of golf. So, don’t come join the Long Shots Tour to if you’re a cheater or play the game without integrity. 
If you’re caught cheating you will be removed from the field of play, you will be removed from the tournament and you will be disqualified from playing on the Long Shots Tour Indefinitely. Also, you name will be posted as a cheater so that every tour in the nation will be aware. I don’t care who or what you are if you’re found to be guilty of cheating you will be done competition in golf on this tour. 

Long Shots Tour is Owned by Long Shots Golf Tour LLC  

Need To Know Rules

• 14 Club limit

All yardage and range finders are legal, the slope option on some 
needs to be turned off.

No Gimmies. 
All putts, no matter how close will be needed to be made in order to finish the hole.

• Players must exchange scorecards at the beginning of the round. 
At the end of the tournament the
player must have his scorecard signed by the scorekeeper and himself. Once the card is in the
tournament directors hand then this is considered a turn in. 
If there has been a mistake make tot he score, that players will have a two-stoke penalty 
added onto his final score. Please check your card before turning in! 

• When on the tee box a player must tee his ball on the line or behind the tee marker played. If he
has hit his ball in front of the tee markers he will be incurred a two stroke penalty.

UPDATE 3/7/2021

(Example You Start A Tournament with a Tittles PROV1X You must only Play that Round with a ProV1X)
If a ball is badly damaged (gashed) during a hole he/she may ask their group for a ruling that the would allow them to replace the ball with a new ball must be Brand/Make)

• There are no penalties for playing out of turn, we play as a ready golf tour for speed of play. 

• Balls that have crossed a hazard line may be dropped two club lengths from where the ball had
crossed the line. Or he may take the point where it crossed and the line of the flagstick, as far back
as he wishes.

• If a players is needing to take a drop for whatever reason and the ball rolls past the two club
length area, the players must pick up his ball and drop again. If the 2nd drop rolls past the two club
length again he must then place the ball exactly where the ball first touched the ground.

• A player must drop a ball anywhere from knee to below shoulder level. Any lower and the drop will
not count.

• If another ball comes into contact with your own and moves you ball from its original spot. Then
you must place your ball back to its original spot. There is no penalty

• If a ball, when replace on the putting green moves(either by player or wind) then the player must
place the ball back to where it originally was. This is the same rule if the player is at address. No Penalty 

• Not every golf course has areas marked for ground under repair. A player may ask his group if he
is allowed relief. If the group agrees that it is ground under repair, the player is allowed relief of
one club length to the nearest point of relief. If the player’s ball is in rough or hazard (bunker) he
must not improve his lie so he must drop with in the same rough and/or bunker. If it is deemed the
entire bunker is not playable, he may drop outside the hazard. This goes for down limbs too. 

• If your ball comes to rest beside a man made immovable object and interferes with your stance or
swing you may take relief with no penalty. Fences that define OB on the course are not considered
obstructions and must be played as it lies.

• If a players ball has landed in casual water a player is allowed a drop at the nearest point of relief
from that area. When a player takes his stance and water is visible at his feet then it is considered
casual water.

• As of 2019 players are allowed to repair or tap down any marks made on the greens.

• As of 2019 players are allowed to move loose objects in a hazard or bunker. He may also ground his
club in the hazard BUT he may not ground his club to improve his lie in a bunker.

• If a player’s ball has moved or hit while taking a practice swing then he is not given a penalty and
must replace his ball to the original spot. When addressing the ball when putting and the ball
moves then he must replace his ball to the original spot with no penalty.


• 4 stroke maximum on a hole

• A players will not be penalized for giving/receiving advice such as yardage, club that was hit or
vague information about how a hole is setup (this is a grey area). A player may not give advice on
the break of a previous putt that another player will soon have. Both players may be penalized in
doing so.

• All other USGA rules are enforced by the discretion of the Tour Director.


Please look over this rule. In effect for 2019, a player is allowed to drop anywhere between where the
ball was lost and two club lengths into the fairway. This is a two-stroke penalty and must use this rule
if he did not use a provisional off of the tee. If a player did use a provisional then that ball is in play and
must use it.

Tour POY Points System
Tour Points 
1st 500 Points
2nd 300 
3rd 190 
4th 135 
5th 110
6th 100
7th 90
8th 85
9th 80
10th 75
11th 70
13th 60
14th 55
15th through 100th Place 50 points

Rules & Format & Points System
"The Long Shots Tour wants to provide the best format and competition possible. This will give you a better idea of what to expect from our tour."